Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Vanagon priorities straight when it comes to DIY engine conversions.

I just ran across a post on theSamba in which conversions were being discussed. One quote popped out at me because while it's not uncommon, it is the single root of so much known and largely unknown misery in vanagonland that it needs to be addressed!

The quote was (in reference to the Bostig):

"what about power Wise ? 
fuel economy ? 

I understand the reliability side ,...but reliability without other qualities is so/so ...... "

This is exactly upside down. Without reliability, NOTHING else matters. It doesn't matter one bit if you've got loads of horsepower potential but the engine isn't running! It also doesn't matter what fuel economy potential you have if you aren't running.

People often make the mistake if thinking as follows:

"Well, I'm going to a lot of trouble and expense to re-power my vanagon, so I need to make sure that it has enough power so I don't regret it, decent fuel economy and miles per tank, and it would be great if it was the same shape as the original install (or anything else arbitrary, like country of origin for instance)."

The trouble here is that the most important aspects of the whole project are assumed! Namely: reliability and consistency of result!

Ask yourself these three questions:
1) Is there such a thing as a perfect system that will never experience a problem?
2) Which is easier, troubleshooting consistent systems, or inconsistent ones?
3) Will you be allowed to fail?

The answers are:

1) No
2) Consistent systems are easier to troubleshoot
3) No, we ensure our customers don't fail

Without reliability and consistency of the product you're purchasing to install and use in your project, you simply have no basis for an expected outcome, good or bad. That is what sets the Bostig apart. No other offering can guarantee an outcome because they fundamentally lack consistency. Sure Dave's subaru 2.5 conversion might have been trouble free and awesome for the last 25,000 miles... so therefore your subie 2.5 will be also right?  

Absolutely not. In fact they may be so far divorced, that the best analogy would be to say that since Grandma makes the best cookies, and she uses eggs in her cookies, if I use the same eggs... I'll make the same cookies. Would anyone in their right mind claim that?  No, and guess what... engine conversions are a LOT more complicated recipe to prepare and execute than cookies. 

Roll the dice, or roll with us, entirely up to you. 

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